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Health Insurance For Babies Only

If you are preparing to be a proud parent soon then I am sure the life style change parenthood brings along? You might be having health insurance for yourself and spouse and now searching for health insurance for babies. Maternity insurance, generally doesn’t rollover to include health insurance for babies only. Before we discuss health insurance for babies and the cost associated with it, you might also be interested in finding

affordable maternity health insurance coverage

. Now if you already have a health insurance policy for yourself you can add your baby on to it. If not, you have three options to purchase health insurance for your new infant in the form of a private, federal or through state health insurance provider. Health insurance plan for babies, cover all necessary well-baby check ups.


Health Insurance Options For New Born

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Options To Get Health Insurance For Babies

  • Adding Your New Born To Your Current Health Plan:First up, obtain a social security number (SSN) for your new born. Once, you have it, you can add your infant to your existing health insurance policy. To get SSN for your baby you can call on 1-800-772-1213 speak to a social security administrative for application.It can take up to 6 weeks for the SSN to be issued and and you have 30 day window to add your new born to your health insurance plan.Also, it has been noticed that almost all health insurance companies will cover your baby for the first 30 to 60 days from the time he/she was born. The trick is to wait until almost 30 days are over and get this benefit availed. If you enrol your baby right at the start you premium will increase. Just have all the information handy like the SSN and the birth certificate.If your are a working professional and have health insurance through your employer then just contact your HR department and they will do the needful by contact their health insurance provider. Now according to American Academy Of Pediatrics, a total of 9 visits are required for your baby for the first 3 years under well baby care. So you can understand the importance the health insurance for babies and plans which will cover the same.



      • How To Obtain Your Baby’s Birth CertificateYou will have to contact your county’s registrar to obtain your baby’s birth certificate. As mentioned above the turn around time for the birth certificate to be made and added to your state’s records is approximately six weeks. Please note, that if you order the same online then the birth certificate will be more costly. Around $20 or so in total including handling charges.
      • Applying For Health Insurance For Babies Only If You Do Not Have Health Insurance Through Your Employer And Also Not Through Medicaid:In such scenarios, the best option to consider is enrolling your new born in your state sponsored
        Children Health Insurance Program

        (CHIP). This article will cover all the details of getting health insurance for babies through CHIP.

      • Low Income Group (Medicaid Qualification):

If you belong to the low income group, contact your county’s department of social service’s office to find out if you qualify for Medicaid. Medicaid is a government sponsored health insurance plans for low income family’s. Cost may me none to minimum. For more information on Medicaid you may check this article about

Medicaid Advantage Plans and Enrolment in 2013
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types of health insurance plans
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  • Emergency Medical Treatment And Active Labor Act(EMTALA)Don’t need to go into the technicalities here. This act was passed in 1986 by the U.S. Congress and under this law, hospitals are required to give medical treatment for woman in labor.
  • State Specific Health Insurance Plan For Babies:Almost all states have their own state specific health insurance plans for children and infants. I will not be covering these in future for sure however just to give you an example of one such health insurance program for the state of New York is “Child Health Plus”. You can check for your state at the county’s registrar office or contact any social and health community network.


NICU (Neo Natal Care Is Very Important Part Of Infant Health Insurance….

Tips On Health Insurance For Babies

  1. Under the Newborn and Mothers Health Protection Act of 1996, hospital stay for 48 hours (normal delivery) and 96 hours (caesarean) cannot be denied immediately after child birth. However, the onus is on you to inform your health insurance company well in advance about your pregnancy and delivery due date so that all the formalities are in place well in advance.
  2. Always check with your health insurance company if your baby will be added to your current health insurance plan or you have to switch to a family plan to get him/her added.
  3. Always check, what coverage is being provided to your baby under your health insurance. As per law, all basic coverage is guaranteed however special situations like post delivery neo-natal care might be an exception. It is always good to be prepared.

Some questions which you need to be clear off are:

Is pre-certification mandatory before you get hospitalized? If yes, then take of it or you might face issues while filing a claim.
How long your hospital stay will be covered?
Does your health insurance policy have provisions to cover any complications arising from any premature delivery?
Does your health plan provides well bay care services before you leave the hospital like doctor exams, normal tests, nursery services etc.?

  1. Remember, you have 30 days to cover your baby in your health insurance plan from the time of birth. After your child’s birth, irrespective of the day you inform your health insurer
    within 30 days, the coverage will start the day your baby was born.
  2. If you somehow miss the enrollment window to cover your baby, you can purchase a temporary health insurance plan in the meantime. Keep in mind that buying a temporary insurance plan have it’s limitations as it would not provide preventive care and and regular doctor visits and check ups.

Cost Of Health Insurance For Babies

Now no one can give you a ball park figure regarding the cost of health insurance for infants. There are a lot of factors which are considered in deciding the cost.

The cost of health care is rising at a rate of 7% to 8% on an annual basis. In 2002, for a family of four, the annual health insurance expenses were around $9,235 and in the year 2012 it is somewhere around $20,000.

  • If you are getting your baby covered through your employer sponsored health plan then you will be offered a special rate which largely depends on two factors viz:Your employer’s health plans features which will differ between two companies, and
    It would also depend on “Group Risk Factors”. (Average age of the employees, how much they earn etc.). The cost would be somewhere around $200 – $300 at an average.
  • If the baby, god forbid, is born with complications or if you have a premature delivery then your insurers will increase the cost of health coverage for infants.


n New Mexico, the Open Enrollment deadline has not been extended. However, customers who were unable to successfully enroll in a plan by March 31 may still qualify to sign up on a case-by-case basis. Call 1-855-99-NMHIX to add your name or find out if you’re still eligible.