Medicare Part F Plan And Coverage

Medicare Part F Plan And Coverage

Generally, Medicare part F plans can be considered as a rider hence are optional. They are more like bridging the gap of extra expense which you have to pay out of your own pocket. A doctor’s fee at times can be more than the actual amount you receive through Medicare which is a federal government program. This extra amount is supplemented through Medicare part F plans. Medicare part F is also used as a supplement coverage plan (also known as defined benefit insurance) for Medicare part A and B. Medicare due to it’s vast scope of providing health and medical coverage is also one of the most comprehensive supplemental health insurance option. These health supplemental plans are available in all states except Minnesota, Wisconsin and Massachusetts.


Medicare Supplement Part F – Most Comprehensive Among All Ten Medicare Plans


Medicare part F provides health cover for the following:

  • Co-Insurance coverage expenses offered for Medicare part A for additional 365 days after your standard Medicare policy limits are exhausted.
  • Additional supplemental coverage provided for Medicare part B in co-insurance and co-payments or 20% of your out patient bills.
  • Co-Insurance payment for skilled nursing facility (SNF)
  • Coverage offered for foreign travel emergency. (Limit Of $50,000)
    Certain amount of deductibles and extra medical service payments need to be born by you.
  • Co-Insurance and Co-Payment for hospice care.
  • Deductible for Medicare part A and part B
  • Blood deductible coverage in an approved medical procedure
  • This plan also has a high deductible Medicare Plan F option if you wish to opt for. If you do, you need to pay around $2,070 (amount in 2012) before your plan

Basically, Medicare part F health plan would pay for any additional charges over and above what Medicare part A and B have already taken care off. It is a good add on to your standard Medicare policy.


What Does Medicare Part F Plan Does Not Cover?

In one sentence, Medicare part F plan does not cover anything which Medicare itself doesn’t cover, but just to specify:

  1. It does not pay for any expenses incurred while you are recovering at home.
  2. Does not cover preventive health services.

What Are The Requirements To Buy Medicare Part F Plan

  • First things first, it is but obvious, to buy Medicare part F plan you need to have Medicare part A and Part B.
  • You keep paying premium for your standard Medicare Part B policy and additional premium to the insurance company providing you Medicare plan F.
  • NOTE: – If you ever decide to switch over from a Medicare to
    Medicare Advantage Plan

    then you don’t need a Medicare part F plan. you can drop the coverage.

How Much Does Medicare Part F Supplemental Insurance Cost?

  • The cost of Medicare Supplemental Insurance includes expenses for out of pocket expenditure, any deductible you choose and monthly premiums. It also includes cost of co-payments and co-insurance.
  • Additional cost of stay at hospital beyond 356 days when your medicare limits are used up.
  • If you have availed the services beyond 101 days in skilled nursing facility then you pay.

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n New Mexico, the Open Enrollment deadline has not been extended. However, customers who were unable to successfully enroll in a plan by March 31 may still qualify to sign up on a case-by-case basis. Call 1-855-99-NMHIX to add your name or find out if you’re still eligible.